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We were lucky enough to win our film as a prize in a promotional raffle. Communication was great, neither too little so that we were kept in the dark, nor too much that it was intrusive. The filming process itself took place whilst all four JELLY members were present at the exhibition. Nicholas recorded all aspects of the show and some footage of us working together. We wanted not just a record of the show, but more a creative filmic response to our work, and are delighted with the resulting film. The overlayed images and soundtrack sensitively respond to the show and revealed aspects and nuances of our work to us that would not have happened with a more prosaic film. The short film is an art work in itself and has informed work for the latest show.

We are more than happy with our film and have already used it to raise our profile as a collaborative art group. It will be shown as part of JELLY#2, our new exhibition. We would highly recommend Nicholas' service; it was excellent; efficient, friendly and creative.

Art Group

Nicholas Godsell took time out to reflect at Hut 136. During this time he created a beautiful film that not only shows Herne Bay’s varied lights and moods but also some very insightful positioning of thoughts and feelings complimenting the images. He prefaced the film with the poem ‘Such Tidings as These’ which added an image of the sea breathing, leading us seamlessly into the film.

Frances Moran
Operations Manager
People United


Nicholas Godsell’s film and photography based art practice is often evident in projects based at Beach Creative CIC in Herne Bay. I am a professionally trained artist/curator from a museum and exhibition background and whilst working there over the last couple of years as a curatorial mentor, I have seen at first hand evidence of Nicholas’s many skills and creative versatility.

In 2017 I curated HOUSE:Paradox jointly with Karen Simpson, an artist who is also one of the Directors of Beach Creative. Our exhibition concept explored the paradox of the house as a manifestation of our aspirational “home sweet home” belief systems which are discordant with the darker side such as abuse, neglect and conspicuous waste.

Nicholas exhibited in HOUSE:Paradox along with 17 other practitioners in various media from Kent and Essex. His personal work, Tipping-Point, was film based and had involved searching out illegally fly-tipped sofas, armchairs and fridges abandoned in lonely or derelict places around the edges of Herne Bay. Extraordinarily, Nicholas’s unique vision as an artist saw an almost humanoid personality in these damaged, deteriorated and unlovely household furnishings. Re-accessorised appropriately, with objects ranging from luxurious cushions to fresh cartons of drinks and illuminated as if on stage, these despised objects became returning stars in new roles. Historically, artists have always commented on, and drawn attention to, ‘bad’ practice in contemporary society and over consumption and inappropriate waste are hot issues now.

For HOUSE:Paradox Nicholas was able to provide valuable key resources to the curators, which greatly contributed to the success and professionalism of the whole exhibition. On request he set up and led a blog for the exhibiting group, which greatly facilitated the development and sharing of everyone’s ideas in the early stages and also helped to create a strong ‘group identity’ for the show. The other was a quick response in providing a perfect image for the exhibition poster/flyer. By using his own photograph of a long boarded up 1930s bungalow well known in the town, Nicholas demonstrated his excellent design skills in digitally manipulating an innocent seaside home into a sinister ‘house of horrors’ resulting in an arresting publicity image.

Veronica Tonge


I have experienced the professionalism of Nicholas Godsell on two projects.

The first was a film about the Dawn Horse. His expertise was obvious both in specific creativity, design and photography. The film was technically difficult and benefited hugely from his knowledge and skill.

The second project was an installation called Light Horse/Dark Horse. It combined historic photographic techniques and modern video projection. There was many challenges including budgetary constraints and a tight time frame. Nicholas showed again a flair for overcoming problems and delivering innovative creative concepts with an ability to make deadlines while working under pressure.

I look forward to working with him again soon. He has a can do attitude which is refreshing and most welcome. I can commend him to others without hesitation. He would be an asset to any production.

Alan Porter
Active Air


Nicholas had been a prodigious support to our outstanding organisation during Term 5. As a school, something we wanted to drive forward with and have a lasting legacy in was the teaching and learning of digital media. Nicholas did just that. He was able to teach the children the history of animation working his way up to modern technology and taught the children how to use stop motion to create a series of animations. Every child in the class achieved this and furthermore gained themselves an Arts Awards qualification at Discover level with Trinity College.

Nicholas also put together a video showing the journey the children took to achieve this and this was showcased to the rest of the school and the children’s parents. This video was also shown at a conference for the Island Collaborations Arts Mark Award in July 2017.

Not only did Nicholas develop the ICT leader and my (Art Lead) own skills and practise, he also led a CPD session to the rest of the teachers in the school, so they too were able to achieve the same thing with their classes. This was also differentiated at the appropriate level for the age groups. The teachers took away with them the knowledge, skills and confidence they needed to develop their classes in the following academic year. I have observed several classes teaching animation across the school and this impact is down to Nicholas’ enthusiasm and skills.

As leader of the Arts for Queenborough School. I feel Nicholas has left a permanent legacy and ‘buzz’ across the school for digital media to be embedded into our curriculum.

Lisa Shoebridge
Arts Leader
Queenborough School & Nursery


I am an AHT at Minster-in-Sheppey Primary School and worked with Nicholas on an animation project with our Year 4 pupils during the academic year 2016/17. As part of our Artsmark journey we have worked alongside and received match funding from CCCU (a local university) to promote collaboration and partnership with artists as part of a Young Arts Advocate program. As a school we were keen to capitalise on our successful arts-enriched literacy curriculum and use this as a model to develop our whole approach to curriculum design. We felt that by embedding the arts throughout would support our pupils to be active participants in the learning process, increasing levels of well-being and engagement. In our context arts-based multi-media approaches were an area we were keen to utilise and develop, Nicholas has supported us with this process.

Using a literacy text as a stimulus Nicholas and a fellow artist planned a number of workshops with the aim of creating a short animation and pupil evaluations of the process. Pupils were exposed to the processes of written and illustrated storyboarding and created their own desktop animations before participating in a larger scale animation, which allowed the pupils to take on a number of roles linked to acting, set/prop design, production and directing.

As well as having the experience of understanding the basic principles behind animation pupils were also able to develop a range of ‘soft-skills’ such as: decision-making, problem-solving and creative thinking.

In evaluating the project teachers and other stakeholders felt that a striking end product was produced which enthused and motivated pupils. The classroom studio promoted inclusion and significantly engaged all pupils. Pupils’ self-reflection and evaluation were developed as part of the project, pupils and staff learnt a range of interesting techniques whilst recording these. As part of the process having worked with Nicholas all year 4 pupils were also able to undertake Arts Awards at Discovery level.

In addition to working with our Year 4 pupils and staff, Nicholas also ran a CPD session on the use of and versatility of animation. Staff were able to consider how to create a short animated piece and developed an understanding of how animation could be used to enhance all aspects of the curriculum. This session was well-received with staff responding positively to how accessible the application modelled was and how easily animation could be used to support classroom-based learning. Nicholas also provided staff with an animation toolkit providing staff with notes and guidance to support the use of animation in their own classroom.

Lynne Lewis
Acting Head Teacher
Minster-in-Sheppey Primary School


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