I have always had a keen interest in film and cinema and making experimental films. In more recent years I have focused on the structure and have undertaken several commissions, both individually and collaboratively.

In 2015 I took part in a collaboration with another film-maker, Al Reffell, as part of the People United Hut 136 project, under the name Teatime and Tide. A second residency at Hut 136 followed the first a few months later and Chasing Shadows was the resulting film.

The following year I started working with local environmental artist Karen Simpson documenting her work. Together we made the short film Ice, and later on I documented her beach litter installation at the BAG gallery in another short called Flotsam.

Following the success of this collaboration I, and my colleague Al Reffell, were asked to put together a short film for the Imagined Village project for funding applications. I was later asked to make a short film of the exhibition for both the artists involved, and for the gallery it was exhibiting in.

In 2017 I was asked to participate in the Young Art Advocates project being run by Canterbury Christ Church University and give a series of workshops. The first was an Animation workshop which I ran with Rob Turner. The second was a Film-making workshop which I gave with Al Reffell.

I also completed a film I made during my first solo residency at People United's Beach Hut 136, in which I hoped to explore how artists feel during the creative process, especially in such beautiful surroundings.

Throughout August, I, along with my colleague Al Reffell, undertook a commission to film a 5000 square metre painting. The project, called Flogging A Dead Horse, was a community artwork by Claire Knights and was scheduled to last four weeks, and despite the terrible weather filming was completed.

Also throughout August I was asked to make a short film about another art installation by Environmental Artist Karen Simpson, called Sole People.

I am currenty working of a couple of projects; an ongoing environmental piece about fly-tipping called Tipping-Point, and a series of collaborations with local artists, including mosaicist and map-maker Rob Turner; printmaker & textiles artist Jenny Samuels; glass artist Ruth Rice and figurative painter Peter Green, to produce short films about them and their work.

     Sole People


     Such Tidings As These







I was invited to put a piece of work in the HOUSE:paradox exhibition at our local arts community centre and gallery.

Tipping-Point is an ongoing project investigating how simply relocating the comforts that make up a home recontextualises them into undesirable entities; refuse, and seeks to re-imagine their possible former histories, and the stories they could tell...

"Tipping-Point is a thought-provoking exploration in film, which will leave you stunned into silence, but for the accompanying eery soundtrack..."



A short film of the finding, making and installing of Sole People, by Karen Simpson, at Hampton Bay, Kent.

"It’s a perfect collaboration between an artist and a film maker - both able to demonstrate their huge talents and unique ways of working..." - Veronica Tonge, Curator





The end result of my extended residency at People United's Beach Hut 136. This short film is about some of the things I and, I imagine, most artists go through when either doing a solo residency, or in the creative process in general.

"A beautiful film that not only shows Herne Bay’s varied lights and moods but also some very insightful positioning of thoughts and feelings complimenting the images..." - Frances Moran, People United



In 2017 I gave several workshops including a film-making workshop, as part of HorseDrawnMedia with Al Reffell, at Minster Primary School. The resulting film was a combination of animation techniques and student lead interviews.




The artists and organisers of the Imagined Village project asked me to document the work in the culminating exhibition.



Environmental Artist Karen Simpson invited me to document her beach litter installation at the Bay Art Gallery. Many people who were unable to negotiate the small spiral staircase that lead to the installation have expressed their appreciation of the film.




Under the name Project: Urban Beach, Environmental Artist Karen Simpson and I have made this short piece about global warming, which was originally undertaken for the Imagined Village exhibition, as part of the Concrete Houses & Ice Houses Installation. More recently it was shown in a one day event, One and a Half Degrees, at the Alexandra Centre, Faversham.



The second of Teatime and Tide's residences at People United's Beach Hut 136 resulted in a couple of films, Chasing Shadows, an animated adventure, and this timelapse piece featuring myself, Al Reffell and Rachael Dickens experimenting with ink...





Filming - Coastal Creatives [Working Title] (as Teatime and Tide) - series of short films about artists living and working on the Kent Coast

Post production - Herne Bay Jazz and Swing Fest 2017 (as Teatime and Tide) - short commissioned film of the acts at the music festival

Post production - The Big Picture (as HorseDrawnMedia with Al Reffell) - documentation of Claire Knights' record attempt at creating the biggest painting in the UK - commissioned by the National Lottery and sponsors

October 2017 - Tipping-Point (as Teatime and Tide) - film and photography piece for the exhibition HOUSE:paradox, curated by Veronica Tonge and Karen Simpson

September 2017 - Sole People (as Teatime and Tide) - a film documenting the art installation by Karen Simpson, endorsed by Canterbury City Council and partly funded by Bayfest

August 2017 - LightHorse/DarkHorse (Installation as HorseDrawnMedia with Al Reffell) - a follow up piece to the Dawn Horse film as part of 'Other Horses of Different Colours' exhibition. curated by David Cross

July 2017 - Such Tidings As These (as Teatime and Tide) - a solo residency at People United's Hut 136

July 2017 - Angus Rides the Goods Train (as HorseDrawnMedia with Al Reffell) - resulting film from film-making workshops at Minster Primary School, Kent

May 2017 - Live Words (as Teatime and Tide) - film of a short set by folk singer and musician Stephen Slade at the Wise Words festival, Canterbury

May 2017 - Queenborough Animation Workshops (as HorseDrawnMedia) - film documenting the workshops with Rob Turner at Queenborough Primary School, Kent

October 2016 - Imagined Village Exhibition (as Teatime and Tide) - film of art exhibition

July 2016 - Flotsam (as Teatime and Tide) - documentation of Karen Simpson's art installation at the BAG gallery

February 2016 - Ice (as Teatime and Tide) - a collaboration with artist Karen Simpson addressing the issues of global warming

January 2016 - Chasing Shadows (as Teatime and Tide with Al Reffell) - resulting film from residency at People United's Hut 136

November 2015 - Teatime and Tide (as Teatime and Tide with Al Reffell) - resulting film from residency at People United's Hut 136

September 2015 - Not Time Wasted - time-lapse film of and around Kent